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Gnomes NFT

Our Gnomes will be represented in the blockchain by a costum made implementation of the hybrid token standart bringing liquidity to our NFTs and allowing for full integration with LayerZero when bridging between chains, preserving the in game metadata of your Gnome! A huge shoutOut to @SerecThunderson for his implementation of the SJ741 where our Gnomes are based on!


The Gnomes NFTs will have a total supply on all chains of 3333 Gnomes , originaly 1111 in ETH/ARB/BASE. The initial distribution of GNOMES will be 555 on each UniV3 GNOMES/WETH pool. The rest of the supply is reserved for the GnomeFactory to mint Gnomes at a discount from their market price. The discounted mints from the factory will have a trading lock duration of 7 days.


All Gnomes Metadata will be stored on chain within our gamming contracts. The cross chain messaging powered by Layer0 will bring consistency on your gnome metadata across chains! All Gnomes Bought from the UniSwap Pool will have the base metadata until being Signed Up on our app. All the Gnomes minted from the Factory will already have their own metadata showing your Gnome!


The traits your Gnome has will depend on his happiness state, and if he has been booped recently. Special traits will be atributed to the Gnomes that pass certain feeding and booping treasholds.