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Gnome Feeder 🍄🍌

Welcome to the Gnome Feeder, where you will be able to keep your gnome alive and Happy by feeding him all sorts of treats! Gnomes favority food is mushrooms!


The whole architecture of the Gnome Feeder is similar to the Gnome Booper with the objective to generate volume and rewards straight to LP providers using UniswapV3 own infrastructure. The Feeding Items such as mushrooms and bananas can be minted with pendingGameRewards or from the GnomeFactory or just simply with $GNOME.

To feed your Gnome you must burn your $GNOME or pendingRewards along with some ETH fee that is used to generate volume, for exemple each 0.001E feeding fee can generate 0.01E in volume and the fee gets distributed to all LP providers.

Key Functions

Feed Gnomes

function feedGnome(string memory code, string memory userX) public payable returns (uint _tokenId, uint128 liquidity, uint amount0, uint amount1, uint refund0, uint refund1);