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Gnome Booper 👉💥

The Gnome Booper contract is a Solidity implementation operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This contract leverages Uniswap V3 functionality to facilitate flash loans and enable users to interact with Gnomes in a unique way.


The Gnome Booper contract offers a unique and interactive experience for users, combining Uniswap V3 flash loans and Volume Generating loops to make Gnomes happy!

Key Functions

boopGnome() allows gnomes to "boop" each other and uses your $Gnome fee to initiate a nonprofitable flash loan, increases booper XP and decreases booped gnome Happy Points.

boopGnome(address to) external payable

Performs a series of repeted boops on a Gnome, involving both buying and selling actions to generate volume on the GNOME/WETH pair. This function is payable and you need to send eth to call it.

boopGnome69x(address to) public payable
boopGnome420x(address to) public payable

The function getTokensOrderedByXP() returns an array of Gnome token IDs, their respective owners, and their experience points (XP), ordered by XP points. Useful for exploring Gnomes with the highest XP.

getTokensOrderedByXP() external view returns (uint256[] memory, address[] memory, uint256[] memory)