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Welcome to GnomeLand



GnomeLand is the home of the mystical on-chain Gnomes, cute beings that have the vision to create a frenly and entertaining game powered by the community. Our mission is to connect frens across chains and to spread awareness about the importance of keeping your gnomes happy!

Powered by a deflationary NFT collection and a treasury backed $GNOME token with layer-zero integration, GnomeLand uses all the minting fees to create concentrated Uniswap V3 positions to strengthen the liquidity of Gnomeland while offering a new kind of multi-chain fun experience.

Download the app

You can download our mobile app on, it will create a crypto wallet for you to use in the ecosystem. You will need to send the native token of the chain you chose to this new wallet to get started. Curently we support Optimism, Arbitrum and Base.

Minting a Gnome

To mint a Gnome NFT log into Gnomeland and purchase your Gnome with some ETH. You can also use a referral code from other frens to get a discounted price. The Gnome Factory uses the minting fee to create a concentrated liquidity position on the GNOME/WETH UniV3 pair.

Kepping your gnome happy

In order to keep your gnome thriving in GnomeLand one must keep his Gnome happy and comfy. You must feed him mushrooms and play with him to keep him entertained. The on-chain metadata will reveal how your gnome is feeling!